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From the Months of the Year Collection by Hinchcliffe & Barber co-founder, the late John Hinchcliffe 1949-2010. Printed posthumously from John Hinchcliffe's lino blocks by the acclaimed Curwen Studio.

Lithograph [unframed]

£75 = £5

Printed on finest Somerset Velvet paper.
100% cotton rag with a radiant white surface, perfect against the black ink. 225gsm.
Size: 37.5cm x 28.2cm

January Lithograph Limited Edition Print

  • Months of the Year Collection, 12 distinct prints for each month of the year.

    From John's beautiful drawings to lino blocks to beautifully recreated prints...

    We work with the Curwen Studio, experts in printmaking to create all of our prints. We took them John's original lino blocks with an aim to reproduce his work as closely as we could, second only to having him print it. 

    The Curwen Studio took the blocks and printed them directly on a delicate film, allowing us to pick up every mark made by John's tools in the lino.

    From there the film was placed over a lithographic plate......and then hand printed with this wonderful press. We've chosen to print our prints on Somerset Velvet paper, which has a lovely brightness, perfect against the stark black ink. 

    We also used hand torn paper that we then stamped each one with our embossed John Hinchcliffe stamp. 

    Finally we hand editioned the prints (out of 100). We only printed 100 of each month.

    All materials used are of archival standard.

    Along with other very well established British illustrators and artists such as Peter Blake, Anthony Gormley, Lucinda Rogers and David Nash, John was selected to produce original lino cuts for the book 'England in Particular' - A celebration of the commonplace, the local, the vernacular and the distinctive' for the arts and environmental charity, Common Ground. John's love of the rural environment, the power of the land and the sea, is always at the forefront of his work, whether in representational or abstract forms.

    These limited edition prints are fine examples of his craftsmanship, artistry and observational skill. 

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