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Lithographs by John Hinchcliffe MA RCA


The Months of the Year Collection


Exhibition of prints now on at Hartley Farm Shop and Cafe, Bradford-on-Avon, BA15 2JB


A beautiful country print for each month of the year. Which is your month?


Limited edition lithographs from Hinchcliffe & Barber co-founder John Hinchcliffe.

Printed on finest Somerset Velvet paper of archival quality.

'John loved the precise application of print. And my memories of my father are of him, sleeves rolled up, meticulously applying ink, and then placing his beautifully cut block, face down, onto the paper before releasing the print and hanging it, with a peg from one of his numerous strings that decorated the ceiling of his studio, the sitting room or wherever it was he chose to work that day. His desire to create, to observe and to translate his ideas into art was incessant and these are unique examples of his creativity and skill.'

Georgia Hinchcliffe.